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Sunday, February 24, 2008

tts for now from a quiz test i did at this website to see which hero i was

@ 2:05 PM

Tuesday, January 8, 2008
haPpy NeW YeaR tO EvErYoNE !

May everyone have a wonderful New Year ahead

Ok this sucks. I wanted to post this on new year
Unfortunately or Fortunately on New Year
My Maths teacher had to have a lesson - E Maths
Why so ?
Well seemingly he believed that starting to study on New Year
would be somewhat lucky or something for the rest of the year
especially for studying
I was like OMFG !!!
I wanted to watch TV and relax on that day
And there he came along screwing it up

Anyway on New Year's eve we went to Andhra Curry consecutively for
the third year
The only differences this year were:

1. My father joined us a little later
2. My family was early for once out of the 3 years
3. We had a new member amongst us (Congratulations to the newest member)
4. Ganesh did not join us ---- He went to esplanade
5. Reshi's father popped the bottle open 30 seconds before 00 00
6. Dakshin was here
7. We had a huge mango cake (in my opinion since i am not a mango cake lover its 3/5)

Well i first shook my hands with Reshi's father as he was beside me
The second person i shook hands was with our New Member (it was diff) -- Read below

I was waking towards Rengu annae and the member was walking towards
someone on the east direction seemingly the person on the east and rengu annae who
was on the west shook hands
which was damn totally unexpected
i looked at her and she looked at me
then she was the first one to break
the silence and say happy new year
the formation was like +

The next day surprisingly
which was new year
had Ajith giving an interview
WOW !!
I have so far never see him do so

Anyway to everyone:
Have a good year ahead
And thanks to everyone who had put up with
all the nonsense I have given you
Sorry to those i have spoke harshly or maybe even a small smile
of mine which has hurt you in anyway(s)

Do be prepared to take the next ride of life for 366 days
this year
Please do make sure to have a safe ride and a thrilling one
A few of you should understand what it means


Lets see the whole of the first week of 08'
was excellent for me
One of the best weeks I frankly had throughout this 14 ++ years

Well Monday was NEW YEAR --- 08'

On Tuesday school started and it was very weird for me
to be in a place where i have not been for more than 2 hours
Which all summed to me being lost in the school

Worst still when my seat in the school was confirmed
I was told that I was posted to class 3B3
So I was in that class ... LIKE an IDIOT
During recess Reshi told me that I was in 3B2
So i went up to the office and told them about this
And what did they say??
O ... you are in the wrong class
So I sorted things out and went to 3B2 all the teachers were diff
Except for the SS
The form teacher was like one of the best

On Wednesday i still felt weird
But One of the guys did a prank
Which the teacher if had thought enough
would not fall for
Well too bad she did ...
Was like damn funny
The teacher blushed
Well she seems like a kid which just got out from P6

Then Thursday was not much
Just different teachers
coming into the class to intro. them self
and to ask us to do self-intro
Then i found out principal changed
Never notice ..

@ 6:06 PM

Friday, December 28, 2007

This week was very sucky for me
So much of playiing of gunz
cause seemingly i played too much
And whats the result of this i wont become 1SGT by the time sch ends
END of YR 2007 - Aalox - Gunnery SRGT
I am still at this fucking rank when i thought i could make to colonel at the start of the year

Ok to hell with it
I am practically going insane everyday is killing me
I hate it when the new year comes
and great on 15 jan i just have to turn 15
looking on the bright side
well theres nothing to look at
so looking at the bad side
i am suppose to be a better example to my brother
thats one thing
i hate to know what else

My bro's got crazy over soccer this week
All he talks about is some stupid league
And to everyone else
Please do not sms my phone and tell me something about soccer
I will make sure that ball of soccer replaces your head

OK .......... what else ???

O yah
Everyone who doesnt know heres the info ...
I have transferred from AMKSS (Ang Mo Kio Secondary School)
to ACS br ( Anglo - Chinese School Barker Road)
due to the reason that
i got offered two pures instead of one
the subj combi. got a bit heavier
But i'll manage somehow
Ill be taking
English (out of the obvious)
E Maths
A Maths (heard its easier than E Maths)
Hist/SS (Thank god i got what i want)
Higher Tamil (Hopefully nothing much has changed)
Pure Chemistry
Pure Physics
Pure Literature ( I wanted this subj. badly even though ppl said it was hard)

However the problem is that I have to do Tamil O's this year
Which i hope i can get a A1 in
If not ...
May the lord save me

Then i watched DON and Billa

I like Sharuk's Don better -
it has more of a story than style unlike ajith's billa

I finally watched Thiruvilayadal Arambam again
Thank god
Cause i missed it on the TV on christmas
busy wasting my time on gunz

Cant blog anymore hopefully
I can be more creative with what i blog the next time

Sorry ... i know its too dry

Will try making it more worth reading the next time

hopefully >.<

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@ 7:33 PM

Sunday, December 23, 2007
Ok so here's the Azhagiya Tamil Magan movie review which I promised like lets say month's before:


The movie is about Vijay (Guru) a university student studing MBA (Master of Business Administration) and whose also a athlete whose undefeatable. It reovles around his ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) which he gets to save people after 1 single certain death of a child. And then finally when the last vision for the movie comes which makes him realise how he is of danger to his girlfriend Shriya (Abhi). Which actually makes him leave her, however after sometime when he leaves her, he finds out that there is one other guy - the other Vijay (Prasad) a fag whose a cheater and what ever else you can say something bad about a person, who then goes back to Abhi and acts as Guru get all her money. The climax is how the cheater ass turns good and how Vijay's summing up about the cheater had gone wrong.


Well thats the "review" And the pic on top is the Pon Magal Vandhal Song still.


@ 5:27 PM

Monday, November 12, 2007
Helo Evry 1 ....
Just became a Runescape member yesterday ... LOL !!!
Saw some sort of questionnaire aand decided to do it ...
so here it goes ..

Birthday: 15th January
Weight: 59 kg
Star Sign: Capricorn
I Pod: Nano
Country wish to visit: Switzerland
Height: 5.7
Handphone: Nokia 6080 (in the process to a better one)
Laptop: HP Pavillion ze2000
Last Seen Movie: Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Sentiment: Hmmm ..... Getting rid of my old adidas classic shoes
Clothes: Jeans, Full sleeve (pink and white vertically striped) shirt folded up to the elbow
Color: Orange
Shock: Surviving after i was stuck under the sea in Langkawi for 3 to 5 mins ++
Surprise: To do good to the less fortunate
Car(s) to get/ Current car(s): A black BMW 7 or 5 series, A Red Audi 8 series
Food: Italian, french, indian and chinese
Afraid of: Gossip (Damn it !!)
Angry with: The thought of being always right when you have more exp. and liars (I stopped)
Perfume: LOL!!! wth hell is this ??? its DRAKKAR NOIR (Guy Laroche)
Favourite god: Hmmm .. Let's See Pillayar

Thats all for now going to EAmania tomoro might post some pic.
PS Ill put up ATM movie review tomoro or the day after


@ 6:50 PM

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ok ...
Just watched Azhagiya Tamil Magan yesterday and I am going to
use this post on its Music Review

Ok the first Song in the movie is Ellaappughazhum Oruvan Oruvanukae

This songs lyrics were given by Valli and it was
actually Sung by A.R. Rahman himself
This song is right after Vijay wins his first race in the movie
Its a song where it tells people that they can achieve anything
with confidence and hard work
A.R. Rahman provides all the necessary rhythms.
He has, in a sense, redefined the ‘intro song with a tempo
that is reflective without being ponderous.
My Overall rating for an intro song as such by me is :

The second Song in the movie is Kelammal Kayile

I am not really sure who wrote the lyrics, but Sriram Parthasarathy and Saindhavi
have sung the song. The picture above is a frame from the song.
The song excellent musical loops thanks to A.R. Rahman
Its basically a love song but its tune is different from a typical love song
which means that a risk has been taken to the song
and should be a success very quickly
My Overall rating for a song as such by me is :

The third song in the movie is Maduraikku Pogathadee

The song is sung by Benny Dayal, Archith and Darsana and the lyricist is Pa Vijay.
The song is something different compared to Vijay's movies which usually have a kuthu song as an intro or somewhere in the movie.
This song is a mass rhythm song which is not gross and cheesy.
It is a folksy number that combines the resonance of Goanese beats,
but is full of robust energy and rhythms that immediately transports
the listeners to, say, rural Madurai.
My Overall rating for the song as such by me is :

The fourth song in the movie is Nee Marilyn Monroe
The singers are Benny Dayaland and Ujjaini and the lyricist is Na Muthukumar.
This song is so far one of my favourites in the song as its drifted language and beat and rhythm.
The song is also full of city youth’s Esperanto, the words used such as (Party’, ‘Saturday night’,’ scanning’) will have the dancing feet tapping incessantly
The chorus is interesting and provides a defining staccato (Music - Cut short crisply; detached) feel.
My Overall rating for the song as such by me is :

The fifth song in the movie is Pon Magal Vandhal
The singers are MD Aslam and Ember and If i am not wrong there is no lyricist as this song is a re-mix of Sivaji's old movie.
The song is actually really good as it has as the rhythm of the song is really catchy and has a lot of rap which is in english. So if a person doesnt know english or is looking for a tamil song this is a song I advise people not to listen.
My Overall rating for the song as such by me is :

The final and the sixth song is Valaiyapatti
The singers of the song are Naresh Iyer, Ujjayinee and Madhumitha and the lyricist is Na Muthukumar if I am not wrong.
This song is a more towards the fast moving kuthu song type, which I guess is preferred by quite a number of people. The song is also a mix n' match kind. The reason that the song might be a hit is for being the only song being the fast moving one and not the usual fast moving intro song in Vijay's movies.
My Overall rating for the song as such by me is :

So thats all for the song rating I will put up the movie review tomorrow most probably.

indiaglitz.com for the picture on the top and the info on whos the lyricist and singers of each song.


@ 1:11 PM

First off, let me wish everyone:


May whatever you wish for might happen succesfully leading you towards your path of enlightement.

Anyways life has been good so far for me.

Today got SEC 3 subj. combi. results
When i saw my results I damn pissed off.
I expected to get 3/1 but instead i got 3/4.
I Was like OMG !!!
After that I went back home
My mum called and screamed her head off.
Asked me to go back to school and appeal
So i sought help from Mr Chio
He said he'll help me
After all he's the first person in the world to understand what happened to me.
So we talked about the subj. combi.
After that I took down the details for appeal
Then Mr Chio check my result
Then he started laughing ....
I didn't understand why in the world he was laughing
And also which part of my results were funny
So he asked me to look'
How Stupid of me !!!
I was already offered 3/1
So seemngly it was my fault for not looking properly ...
DAMn ....

Then yesterday I also went to Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Will talk about it later

Expect a lot of changes in me ....
I must be more ....
Never Mind Ill let only certain trusted people of my plans
Dont even think about knowing it
If you are a leaker ...

Thats all BB


@ 12:54 PM

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